Jantar mantar
The Jantar Mantar is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments, built by Maharaja (King) Jai Singh II between 1727 and 1734. The name is derived from jantar ("instrument"), and Mantar ("formula", or in this context "calculation"). (Courtsey Wikipedia)

Customer Retention

In the age of convergence, customer churn is a concern for service providers, challenging most retention techniques…

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  • Krishna Kumar Valiyatodi
  • Founder & Director
Krishna Kumar Valiyatodi (a.k.a ‘KK’) has over 30 years of global leadership and management experience in diverse engineering and business environments including Information Technology, Aviation, Marine/Shipping, Oil & Gas et al. Krishna has been building, mentoring and leading multicultural, multilingual global delivery teams serving Fortune 500 clients in USA and has successfully built business relationships in the Americas, EMEA & APAC. As an aerospace engineer and Air Force veteran, Krishna has extensive domain knowledge in aviation/engineering and is an SME in helicopters and medium/wide bodied aircrafts. He has been associated with business development and sales activities on advanced analytics for more than 10 years.

  • Ashok Reddy
  • Director

Ashok Reddy has 27 years of international experience leading and supporting operations of global companies. In his most recent role, Ashok served as Senior Vice President (Operations) for an US based global IT organization and grew the division to USD 100 Million in 10 years. As part of management team he was instrumental in the process of taking the company public. Ashok has established relationships with Fortune 50 companies and for past 10 years has been heading the operations based out of USA. Ashok has a wide array of experience in handling the operations of service industries, manufacturing/ processing industries and has successfully strategized and built SMB’s in India .As a Marine engineer, Ashok brings his experience in operations, processes and strategy to help and grow iQ Gateway globally.

  • Dr. Praveen Koduru, Ph.D.
  • Principal Consultant

Praveen Koduru, Ph.D. is a Data Analytics Architect with expertise in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Statistical Data Analysis, Multi-objective Optimization, Neural Networks, Evolutionary algorithms, Swarm Intelligence, Hybrid algorithms, Bioinformatics, Parallel Computing, Systems Modeling and Control. Dr. Koduru has a BS in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Control Systems engineering from West Virginia University, Masters in Electrical Engineering from Yale University and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University. He has experience in working on multi-disciplinary projects for various problems in optimization, prediction and modeling. His work has published over 20 peer reviewed international conferences along with 3 journal publications with 121 citations. He also has expertise in Sentiment Analysis, Review Mining and Natural Language Processing. Dr. Koduru has experience solving industry problems for clients in Oil & Gas, Shipping, Health Care, Engineering and Retail.

  • Rohan Rodrigues
  • Director
Rohan comes to iQGateway with 17 years of experience in IT & Engineering, in addition to his involvement in business issues impacting today’s information driven world.In his last role, Rohan served as the Executive Vice President at a mid-sized IT services firm where he started and led multiple business units globally that focused on solution based services to verticals like, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utilities and Textiles. Under his leadership, he directed and integrated diverse teams for global sales, marketing, service delivery and process integration.
His professional experience includes sales, account management, business operations, strategy and P&L management. Rohan spent a major part of his active career as a part of the team that built a successful mid cap IT Company over a span of 10 years eventually taking it public through a very successful IPO.His demonstrated expertise of putting companies, customers & people together through dozens of business deals, worth millions of dollars reflects his exceptional ability to execute, promote best practices and passionately drive people.