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Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera mechanism an ancient mechanical computer designed to calculate astronomical positions. It was recovered in 1900–1901 from the Antikythera wreck. The construction has been dated to the early 1st century BC. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Customer Retention

In the age of convergence, customer churn is a concern for service providers, challenging most retention techniques…

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Prashanth Radhakrishnan

Prashant Radhakrishnan

Chief Operating Officer
India Plaza

A product of the global economy of the 90’s & 00’s; Prashant has over 16 years of cross functional & cross domain expertise in functions spanning marketing, sales, operations & analytics for boutique startup firms as well as global MNC’s. He has worked for Dell, Infosys and other leading multinational organizations and currently is the COO for India Plaza. His eye for detail & a penchant for analysis has drawn him to consulting roles in retail (online & offline) especially focused around marketing analytics; order management & supply chain operations. Prashant has wide experience leading retail projects for clients in Europe, USA & APAC. Prashant holds an MBA from IIM Calcutta is currently based out Bengaluru, India