Support and Maintenance

We stay current with the latest regulations, processes and practices of the client organization to ensure 100 % availability. Our processes ensure support services encompassing the various aspects of correction, adaptation, perfection and prevention.


Our modernization efforts focus on increasing IT productivity, minimizing defects, enhancing employee motivation and reducing time to market. Our services drive business growth and free internal IT resources for clients to focus on their core business.

System Integration

Integration brings disparate systems together under a common technology governance structure. We ensure, through our approach, high levels of data integrity for our client. This eventually leads to faster and better decision-making across the enterprise.

Technology Change Management

Technology change management is now a necessity for organizations that intend to stay relevant in a technology agile world. We work with clients saddled with legacy monolithic technology applications change to agile enterprises using modern technologies.

Database Administration

For us, database administration focuses on simplifying processes and eliminating recurring issues. Our automation framework eliminates errors leading to freeing experienced critical talent that can focus on initiatives for a positive business impact.

Why Application Management

Enable Scalability

Our clients get the opportunity to improve profitability and efficiency in capital allocation when we align application availability with business growth through improvements in technology, simplification of processes and cost-effective deployment.

Drive Sustainability

In order that software applications align with the changes in the client’s business in the present and the future, we participate in the process of application evolution through re-engineering, technology upgradation and changes in maintenance practices.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

We get the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction across all aspects of an application by taking a holistic approach to ‘quality of service’. This process of measurement increases compliance and the usage of an application for its intended benefit.

Improve Functionality

A good application management framework ensures that the applications are up to date with changing business needs. A well-designed framework has a regular review and feedback process by which organizations make improvements for better business outcomes.

Better productivity

We measure increased productivity of software application by its ability to deliver desired service within SLAs at budgeted or lower resource allocation. We work with the clients to benchmark productivity matrix and guarantee better outcomes overtime.

Increase availability

Increasing the speed and availability of application improves revenue for our clients. We define high up-time, not only by availability but also by the ability of our clients to transact faster so as to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.


Harness Industry Research and Successes

We continuously learn about new approaches and technologies applied across various other industries. This gives us the ability to work with our clients and provide them with ideas of how they can maintain a competitive cost structure in the market.

Flexible Capacity Planning

Our services model, helps manage cost structures within defined limits without compromising on service levels. With businesses being challenged always, we maintain flexible cost structures that contain economic change without impacting the bottom line.

Matured IT Processes

Maturity is experience applied in practice. Our clients benefit from our experience right from strategy down to every ticket. Through our diverse engagements, we are not only aware of what works and what does not, but about what we need to learn more of.

Robust Governance

We alert clients against disconnected initiatives across organizations that provide localized results. Clients can leverage our governance framework to consolidate process management initiatives within standards and guidelines to achieve a common goal.

Service Flexibility

We practice a research based, rigid flexibility model that encompasses simplicity and discipline. Our model encompasses aspects like design, time, location, volume, robustness and recovery of service delivery to ensure high application availability.

Tools and Processes

We identify the right set of tools and process to improve our client’s application management process. Based on their input and our experiences, we define various use cases that define pain points with respect to their application management practice.