Localization & Internationalization

Enterprises are forced to cater to an international audience within the confines of regional compliance mandates. We reduce investments in localization initiatives by expanding the capabilities of legacy applications through innovative technology fixes.

UI Enhancements

New technology now provides huge opportunity to extend the ability of legacy applications by de-coupling user interface and backend processes. UI re-engineering allows our clients to extend services to their customers that were never available earlier.

Reverse Engineering

Lack of documentation is inherent to owning legacy applications that hinder the ability to improve and maintain these applications. Our ability to reverse engineer business logic from code and processes enables our clients understand their business better.

Database Migration

Database Migration has not lost its charm of continuously pushing technology to the limits of innovation. Our innovative database migration framework allows us to use and integrate modern tools seamlessly, besides leaning on the expertise of our team.

Cloud Migration

Future of flexible technology-based services is on the cloud. We guide clients through the entire process of building a cloud migration strategy that enables them to manage the nuances associated with technology, risks and cost-based decision-making.

Why Application Re-engineering

Revelation of business rules

Beneath the patchwork created by generations of change lies a better understanding of business processes that helps to plug leakages in the system. This reduces financial exposure that could have resulted in non-compliance due to redundant business rules.

Expand Capabilities

The knowledge and intellectual property embedded in legacy applications over time can be extracted to help businesses expand their capabilities and open new revenue streams that were not envisaged earlier, eventually leading to larger financial returns.

Simplify Application Portfolio

A software application stack stores changes to an organization over time. The opportunity to review the suitability of various applications to the current business requirements allows us to provide our clients insights to manage transitions easily.

Breakthrough Improvements

Application re-engineering, helps organizations improve the speed and quality of their response to their customer needs. This enables a shift from the slow, cautious process of incremental improvements that might leave organizations unprepared to compete.

Organization Redesign

Application re-engineering provides us an opportunity to participate in creating new organizational designs that can help our customers respond better to competitive pressures, increase market share and profitability, and improve cycle times and quality.

Enhance People Efficiency

Re-engineering offers the employees of an organization an opportunity to enhance their skills and stay current. We work with our clients to encourage them upskill their workforce and at the same time retain people-centric knowledge within the organization.



Modernization is not limited to only technology or deployment, but encompasses changes to the business landscape that impact organizations internally or externally. The” Why”, ”How” and” What” questions become the basis of the re-engineering decision.

Improve Usability

Better usability leads to improved efficiencies, higher compliance and lower instances of work arounds. These attributes when engineered for legacy applications, leads to higher levels of data integrity, that provide intangible benefits to organizations.

Performance Improvement

Performance is the ability of an application to help implement business changes faster. Better performance leads to reduced costs. But better performance also allows an organization to harness opportunities created due to dynamic changes in the market.

Optimize Process

Re-engineering provides an organization insight into how things are done; and an opportunity to question previous processes with the intention of making the organization leaner and faster from a process point of view, thus making an organization agile.

Improve Customer Experience

The digital age is forcing organizations (B2B or B2C) to build a technology connection between their customers and themselves, Extending the reach of existing legacy applications using modern technology is an invaluable opportunity for every customer.

Incremental Development

Focused efforts with tangible outcomes within specific budgets provide organizations with the financial flexibility to invest in re-engineering efforts. We work with clients to scope out and prioritize re-engineering efforts for high return on investments.