Certificate Traceability

A decentralized platform that tracks all events in course completion and generate an immutable certificate. Unique process to prove course completion with 1 click verification. Configurable templates for certificate issuance. Pay as you use platform.

Waste Management Tracking

An IoT and AI integrated solution to increase productivity of Waste collection and Management. Waste collectors provide proof of collection through a mobile app. Real time monitoring through dashboard

Agro Supply Chain

Credit score builder using #blockchain, #ai and #iot data for #unbanked farmers. Precision Monitoring to increase the Yield. AI based deep vision datasets to detect Pests. Risk Management data points for Lenders. Direct sale of produce without middlemen.

Bill Discounting

A decentralized platform that brings suppliers and lenders on a single Platform. ‘With Recourse’ and ‘Without Recourse’ based instant Invoice discounting for faster settlement cycles. Full audit for risk and compliance to prevent double discounting.

Product Authentication

Fake products are a major source of revenue leakage for brand heavy organizations. We manage the entire supply chain of products from the warehouse to the retail outlet on the blockchain and provide a service to the end client to verify authenticity.

Asset Fractionalization

Organizations can monetize real estate assets by fractionalizing them into tokens that can be backed by a stable coin and financial institution. These tokens can be traded and any income generated by the asset can be distributed to the token owners.

Why Us

Enables Transparency

Operational transparency reduces the chance for any kind of discrepancy in the system because nothing is hidden. This enables all participants in the process to view inputs end to end and thus creates an environment where work gets conducted easily.

Increases Efficiency & Speed

By streamlining processes, transactions can be completed faster and more efficiently. Artifacts can be stored on the blockchain along with transaction details, eliminating the need to reconcile multiple systems, leading to increased speed and efficiency.

Improves Security

By creating a record that can’t be altered and is encrypted, blockchain prevents fraud, unauthorized activity and provides required privacy. Organizations that provide such kinds of digital platforms build high degree of trust with their stakeholders.

Ensures Compliance

“Smart contracts,” ensures once pre-specified conditions are met, the next step in a transaction or process is auto triggered. The ability to automate compliance gives organizations an edge with respect to financial discipline and risk mitigation.

Reduces Cost

Since all transactions happen directly there is no involvement of any third party, which saves a lot of intermediary related overheads. This leads to an increase in the speed of transactions and economic efficiency without any compromise on security.

Enables Decentralization

Blockchain allows for the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Standard transaction-based decisions are driven by code eliminating management intervention. This allows for management to spend time & effort on more important issues.


Verify Use Case Suitability

We understand the process inside out. Check to see if the use case fulfills all criteria associated with use by multi-party, need for verification of transactions, interactions between transactions and if interaction are time sensitive and complex.

Proof of Concept

We work with our clients to develop and follow a set of guidelines to define the business project. We create and test a prototype that covers design, code, etc. We then work with our clients to analyze the prototype and define the min features for the final product.

Select the Right Platform

We conduct a detailed analysis that covers aspects like budget, open-source station, technical support, etc. We also work with external experts to get their views on aspects like public/private, permissioned/permissionless and centralized/de-centralized.


First Block with required characteristics is created and shared at all network nodes. Parameters like Nonce and Timestamp are specified for the JSON. After the JSON file is filled, the Geth creates the folder containing the blockchain and initializes it.

Consensus Protocol

After choosing the consensus protocol the first block is written. The difficulty level of the problem is adjusted based on the power of the network. This creates an irrefutable system of agreement between devices, thus preventing system exploitation.

Building the Ecosystem

Once the block chain is established and the number of users increase an ecosystem can be created around the block chain so that various user communities can use the block chain for different use cases. This enables wider use and proliferation.