Streamline & Integrate Sales Planning

Effortlessly manage your retail business with an all-in-one platform that allows one to visualize all aspects & seamlessly integrates planning, sales, stock & margin. Providing the ability to quickly identify trends and track performance.

Analyze Business in Real Time

Integrating Business Intelligence and performance metrics allows for quick decision making with real-time data in retail planning. This leads to better allocation of resources, identification of opportunities, and ultimately improved business performance.

Automate Planning Process

Streamlining planning across an organization and moving away from Excel-based planning can improve efficiency. A centralized and automated system will provide accurate and consistent data, leading to better decision making and improved performance.

SKU Level Analysis

SKU level analysis and growth management are essential in retail planning. Identifying key performers and discovering products for reordering can lead to better inventory management, increased sales and improved overall business performance of update.

Control Inventory Cost

Controlling inventory is crucial for achieving financial targets and ensuring profits. Implementing effective cost management strategies and maintaining optimal stock levels can lead to a profitable business, while overstocking can lead to losses.

Season Planning

Season planning includes creating an inventory plan, allocating resources, managing replenishment, tracking progress, and implementing in-season markdowns and inventory liquidation to optimize stock levels, control costs and ultimately drive sales.


Integrate BI and performance management

By providing real-time data access and creation of a central data repository enables consolidation and analysis of data from various sources. Detailed reporting and analytics can be used to measure key performance indicators and monitor performance.

Informed approach to retail financial planning

By turning strategic goals into financial targets and gauging the impact of key decisions, retailers can make decisions that drive business performance. With a clear understanding of financial performance, businesses can achieve their strategic goals.

New era of decision‑making

Decision-making in retail is driven by the power of integrated analytics. Platforms that enable retailers to analyze, simulate, plan, and forecast all in one single platform allow for more efficient decision-making. Instead of relying on multiple tools.

Transform strategic retail planning process

Setting short, mid and long-term goals allows retailers to focus on the present and the future, and align resources accordingly. Integrating in-season and end-of-season planning enables retailers to react fast to market changes and grab new opportunities.

Integrate sales planning process

By managing markdowns and quickly determining pre-season Open-to-buy, retailers can optimize stock levels, control costs, and increase revenue. By having all relevant data in one location, informed decisions can be made that improve operation performance.

Better customer service

Accurate inventory management and forecasting, ensures that right products are always in stock and available for customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction. By providing detailed metrics on customer behavior, better stocking decisions can be made.


Financial Planning

  • Sales Forecast at the granular level
  • Multiple Plans for Financial Year
  • Add/Remove Stores
  • Appropriate previous year weightage for current year
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning

Merchandise Planning

  • Sales Forecast at the granular level
  • Multiple Plans for Financial Year
  • Add/Remove Brand/ Category
  • Visualization for each MC

Margin Planning

  • Mark Down Planning @ Month/date level
  • Impact on Gross Margin
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Open-to-buy (OTB) Management

Open to Buy

  • Multiple OTB from multiple Sales Plan in a FY
  • Plan Inventory by Month
  • Purchase planning
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Assortment , Allocation & Replenishment

  • Stock clustering
  • Core stock planning
  • ROS & option depth planning
  • Replenishment with stock cover

Reporting & Analytics

  • Powerful BI tool
  • Self Service analytics & reporting
  • Plan VS actual
  • Flexible, drill down dashboard
  • View data as per user interest role & responsibilities