Architecture & Design

We architect products, at optimal cost, with focus on scalability, availability, flexibility and security. This ensures that the user experience is seamless while simultaneously providing our client the ability to make changes in the most efficient way.


Our best practices in agile enable us to deliver products in time for our clients. Our framework of reusable components that have been created across different applications and technologies provides our clients the advantage of reduced development time.


Our product testing framework is an end-to-end testing process that uses component-based test cases right from unit testing to user acceptance testing. Our testing process is engineered for customizations, migration and upgrades, to reduce Time to Market.

Maintenance & Support

Product sustenance is a complex and expensive service that needs to cater to client demands, newer markets, cloud delivery, multi-lingual and multi-device support. Our long-term product maintenance services allow our clients to focus on core business.

Retrofits & Upgrades

It is inevitable that retrofits and upgrades have now become a part of the lifecycle of the product. We strategize our client’s retrofit and upgrade roadmap with the focus on reducing maintenance cost, high availability, reliability and compliance.

Product Life Cycle Enhancement

We give products a new lease of life through technology and design retrofits taking into consideration people and processes, to enhance the life of existing products and retain relevance for longer durations without the need for any major investments.

Why Product Engineering

Ideation & Prototyping

Ideation generates several ideas and prototyping is when the physical representation of these ideas falls into place. We encourage both since these give our clients the chance to identify the right problem and we join hands with them on how to solve this.

Faster Time to Market

Excitement is when the market finds the product useful. Success is, most often, all about timing. Our contribution to client success is ensuring that their ideas are brought to life as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits from their creation fast.

Mitigate Risks

With the possibility that things can go wrong and will go wrong sometimes, we predict issues that might cost our clients time, effort and money. This sense of partnership entails a responsibility to ensure that the challenging path to success, is smooth.

Optimize Costs

It is important to be able to have reserve resources that can be used to overcome the unknowns that come along in product development. Keeping costs low and below budgets allows our clients the flexibility to allocate resources where they are best needed

Market Research

Creation to commercialization is a process of evolution. We work with our clients to understand if the objective of the idea resonates with the target audience. This process provides better ways to fulfill the idea compared to the ones we thought of.

Enhance Client experience

We view customer experience as a holistic process by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the product to ensure high customer satisfaction and loyalty. We believe customers experience of the product represents customer experience with the company.



Besides following the Agile methodology for our software delivery, we follow Agile across all functions that support client success. The mantra is simplicity, flexibility with predictable outcomes to get the best results for every type of resource deployed.

Product Sustenance

We help clients upgrade their legacy products to extend end-of-life, thus boosting revenues; and reduce total cost of ownership by optimizing team size and moving teams to low-cost centers. This frees experienced personnel for other important assignments.

Standardized Product Management

Building a standardized process for software product management provides our clients the ability to reduce the cost of product management; better predictability of outcomes; better risk management; and eventually higher client satisfaction at lower costs.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our client engagement focus is driven by one major objective – the impact of our work on the client’s business. We are able to seamlessly move from basic staff augmentation to complex outcome-driven models and everything in between to provide flexibility.

End-to-End Ability

By providing end-to-end services for product engineering, we become an extended arm of the client’s team. We further enrich the partnership by providing complete visibility into all processes, allowing them to also focus on other aspects of their business.


Adopting best practices from different industry experiences helps us bring a different perspective. This eventually leads to better product outcomes. Viewing products through a different lens has helped us build a mature product engineering framework.