In today’s era of surviving with unpredictable challenges, businesses are fiercely expanding locally and globally, while trying to increase their profitability. Organizations are constantly debating on de-risking business models, protecting margins and improving return on investments (ROIs).

Technology serves as an invaluable strategic asset to further explore the potential of a business. It is an enabler for revenue generation, risk mitigation, efficiency improvement, and decision optimization. To achieve increasing returns, technology enables corporations to address competition and market dynamics efficiently.

The incremental impact of technology is based fundamentally on the value proposition that it offers, giving iQGateway reason enough, in its ongoing journey, to engage meaningfully and continuously with the world.

Why iQGateway?

At iQGateway, we consider the pursuit of excellence as an ongoing journey that encompasses three foundational aspects we nurture constantly: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. It is in equal measure that each is needed to make the journey fruitful.


Is not only what you acquire through the process of formal learning or training, but also through experience. It is significant to not only retain knowledge within the organization but also enable its re-use through technology.


Is a framework that allows one to apply knowledge to solve real-world problems. Skills are like tools that continuously need to be honed/sharpened to ensure that knowledge is being correctly and appropriately applied.


Is to respect knowledge and the importance to acquire more of it, while applying it to solve problems. Attitude drives the organization to continuously question the relevance of its skills and invest in developing newer ones.

What We Do

The three tenets of building business solutions for our clients are: Ideate, Create and Implement. At iQGateway, these three aspects form the building block of every customer engagement.


Ideation is recognized and spoken about highly across industries and is one of the critical steps in design thinking. It is often associated with innovation and considered to be the responsibility of a chosen few. At iQGateway, however, ideation is not limited to the desired process, but is a milestone that needs to be authentic for every task. We ideate simple solutions.


The need is for an unbiased and holistic approach to spot what fits best. It is not only time and effort that are needed while converting an idea into something tangible to solve a business problem. For us at iQGateway, technology is only an enabler. We focus more on building our ability to use any technology that will help us develop the right solution for our clients.


Every solution is only as good as its ability to achieve the desired outcome. In terms of quality, this is “fitness for use”. Implementing a solution efficiently calls for a 360-degree view of the user’s journey of benefitting from the solution. However, more importantly, to implement a solution efficiently becomes the foundation for initiating the next level of ideation.