Business Models
Sun Dial
The sun dial is probably one of the first instruments invented by mankind to measure time. The earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are the obelisks (3500 BC) and shadow clocks (1500 BC). (courtesy wikipedia)

Customer Profitability

Analytics can help with forecasts on customer behaviour, the purchase rate of a specific product or service at a certain tarif….

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iQG has varied business models to suit different client types and their business needs. The business models define the way by which IQG engages with client organisation on the commercial front. These proven and successful business models have been chosen with extreme care and consultation with industry leaders apart from the experience of the management team.

The business models allow our clients to spread their investments in analytics without diluting the outcome of the work and or making any compromises. These business models allow for an incremental approach for setting up an analytics practice for a client organisation over the medium term to ensure that analytics and technology align themselves with business in the right manner.

IP based Collaboration

iQG will work on a success fee or royalty based model with its partners. We work with product companies to enhance the functionality of their products by adding analytics based modules which will be a value-add resulting in up sale of their products and better returns. iQG shares the additional revenues that are generated by addition of these functionalities/features. iQGateway retains the IP.

Customized Solutions

iQG combines its domain knowledge as well as technical competence to provide customised analytics solutions to enhance decision making processes. The approach for building customised solution starts with a problem definition followed by a proof of concept after which the final solution is delivered either as a concept/model or a complete end-to-end solution.

Follow-the-Sun Operational Services

Many a time in the world of analytics it is very important to have round the clock service to support decision making processes. Businesses need customized information at the speed of thought based on the data generated from operations over the business day. iQG’s follow the sun services allow our analytics team to be accessed anytime to generate information and reports that allow business heads to make decisions.

Advisory & Consulting Services

iQG’s team of experts work with clients globally to help them identify opportunities of using analytics to improve decision making processes and/ or improve business processes themselves. iQG’s ability to add value at a strategic level comes from a combination of industry veterans as well as analytics experts which we believe is very essential to give a complete business solution.