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The sun dial is probably one of the first instruments invented by mankind to measure time and in all probability one of the greatest dedications to the human intellect and its ability to invent simple solutions. The earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are the obelisks (3500 BC) and shadow clocks (1500 BC) from ancient Egyptian astronomy and Babylonian astronomy. (courtesy wikipedia)

Customer Value Optimization

Help service providers understand their customers to serve them better, thus Analytics is a step ahead of business intelligence (BI).

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fundamental analytics

One of the best methods for analysts to understand patterns present in the data is by consolidation of information and representing the observed trends in descriptive plots. However, static reports are often extracted snapshot views from monthly, department, or demographic grouped sampled data and hamper the analysts’ ability to execute a drill down analysis or identify solutions via root cause analysis. Data presentation needs to be beautiful, descriptive and interactive to provide the best understanding. Businesses who deal with large amounts of data want to liberate data from the conventional static reports, spreadsheets or rudimentary plots. Well-designed interactive dashboards are usually the first step in providing visually the most critical information necessary for making better decisions.

Our services in data visualization help in generating and automating some of the data extraction and reporting tasks from various types of data feeds. We have expertise in automation of data retrieval, processing and generating the necessary reports for analysis to enable time saving for business analysts enabling them to focus on the important aspects of their jobs. We provide help in designing customized reporting and interactive dashboards to enable better data understanding along with embedded analytics components to analyze vast amounts of historical and current data. Every business has varied reporting needs and our collaborative methodology in analyzing and customizing our solutions to specific requirements ensures we deliver customized solutions. Our team of experts aid in designing, development and implementation of customized dashboards and info graphs that help our clients present complex information with better heuristics and visualization.