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Sun Dial
The sun dial is probably one of the first instruments invented by mankind to measure time. The earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are the obelisks (3500 BC) and shadow clocks (1500 BC). (courtesy wikipedia)

Customer Value Optimization

Help service providers understand their customers to serve them better, thus Analytics is a step ahead of business intelligence (BI).

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fundamental analytics

Data mining is a growing discipline, which has its roots originating within the field of statistics. Data mining is a more prevalent area for data analysts specifically working with large databases for real world problems. The field of statistics similar to data mining and concerns itself with the primary task of transforming data into information.

Statistics traditionally deals with analyzing experimental data that have been collected to check the validity or testing of a hypothesis. As such statistics is `primary data analysis’, top-down (confirmatory) analysis or `hypothesis evaluation’ or testing. Data mining, on the other hand, typically is concerned with analyzing secondary (e.g. observational) data that have been collected for other reasons. As such data mining is `secondary data analysis’, bottom-up (exploratory) analysis, `hypothesis generation’ or `knowledge discovery’.

Combining statistical modeling with data mining, optimization, forecasting, and spatial analytics can significantly widen the list of problems, mentioned above, and lead to additional increment in ROI and other benefits.

We have expertise in converting raw data to a well-designed report, supplemented with charts and graphs, which will aid you in your decision making process. We collect, analyze and interpret data to reveal the unknown to you.

Statistical techniques to suit your data sample and provide the answers you need in a clear, concise manner. Areas of expertise include:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Regression analysis
  • Analysis of variance
  • Parametric and Non-parametric statistics
  • Design of Experiments
  • Higher level inferential statistics