Solution Design
Sun Dial
The sun dial is probably one of the first instruments invented by mankind to measure time. The earliest sundials known from the archaeological record are the obelisks (3500 BC) and shadow clocks (1500 BC). (courtesy wikipedia)

Customer Value Optimization

Help service providers understand their customers to serve them better, thus Analytics is a step ahead of business intelligence (BI).

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solution design

Analytics inherently is the science of correlating events directly or indirectly. Analytics solutions need data to be collated from many disparate systems in an organisation and in most cases the data needs to be massaged before it is analyzed. It is important to note that any good analytics solution can only be effective if it is deployed through a robust and efficient technical solution.

Our technology and architecture team work with our clients to conceptualise, architect and design the technology solution to implement the output of our analytics team. We work with the client’s technical organisation to understand their technology landscape and architect solutions using latest concepts in data mining, data migration and application development.

Solution architecture and design ensures optimum utilisation of existing infrastructure and technology. Close proximity of analytics to business decisions dictates that the analytics organisation be abreast with the needs of evolving business. Solution architecture is of paramount importance from the perspective of ensuring that there is not much dependence on external systems providing the data to the analytics team. iQG’s architecture team through their experience provide our clients the right advice, guidance and if need be supervision to ensure that the latest architecture concepts are deployed for a sustainable outcome.

Another aspect of solution design that needs to be addressed is the design of the actual analytics . Numerous ways of deploying Analytics Solutions in a technology environment is distinguished primarily on the nature and complexity of the solution. In most cases we at iQG try and fit the solution into the existing tool sets which then needs a very little coding and more of configuration. This approach reduces the efforts on training, support and maintenance. In the case of very complex solutions with no existing tools, we can help develop a customized solution.

Our diverse background and experience right from understanding our clients business to providing a technical solution allows us to become a partner of choice for a successful analytics investment.