We conduct end-to-end process audits to improve software testing processes, collaborating between testing, development and business teams to create transparent and measurable testing processes that eventually lead to better and more predictable outcomes.

Test Automation

We work across different automation tools based on the clients’ requirements, and integrate our test framework with different tools. This eventually leads to improved product quality, faster time to market, and reduction in overall QA costs over time.

Testing in Agile

We practice continuous testing associated with agile processes and have a unique approach to reduce testing backlog between sprints. Our experience of test automation is used to incrementally build test scripts that eventually reduce the overall effort.

Microservices Testing

Our microservices testing process ensures performance efficiency, high security and sustainability of a microservices services-based product. We approach microservices testing as a testing of a product within a product, which ensures 100 % availability.

Documentation Services

Our documentation services cater to diverse audiences within a project by using modern authoring tools. Our processes encompass different tools, follow global standards and cater to different formats in compliance with client mandated style guides.

Managed Testing Services

Provide an end-to-end testing service that is flexible as per the needs of our customer where the responsibilities of testing activities and SLA’s is managed by us. This provides our clients with the flexibility to manage their internal testing programs

Why Software Testing

Fulfill Business Goals

To ensure that the final product makes business happen, the quality process needs to align with the business requirements. Every software has a business goal to fulfil. And an important part of making this happen, is the software testing process.

Reduce Cost of Quality

A Good software testing process gives the business the ability to manage costs through the entire life cycle of the product and make its performance predictable. Successful business outcomes are driven by consistent performance at optimum costs.

Improve Application Performance

Testing is the soul of a good software, it not only ensures performance as per the design, but also provides feedback on various aspects of the performance that helps our customers improve functionality, reduce operating cost and improve availability.

Faster Time-to-Market

Good Testing reduces re-work and also considers possible future outcomes. A good testing strategy provides the ability to work backwards from the expected end result and aligns the process to build flexibility at various stages of the software life cycle.

Create Lasting First Impression

At the heart of the design of every software is the urge to create a WOW factor that will force the users come back time and again. Good software testing, provides a window of opportunity to the creators by which they can envision the possible outcome.

Reduce Risks

Software applications are the custodians of the business process and strategy of an organization and thus a treasure trove of an organization’s intellectual property. A good software testing strategy can help organizations retain this IP for future use.


Technology-agnostic Testing Strategies

A good testing solution provides a healthy balance of– technology, process and compliance. These enable a testing ecosystem that responds to the multi-facet demands of software application. Our unbiased approach towards technology fulfills this need.

Process Transparency

We ensure end-to-end transparency right from strategy to execution for all stakeholders to align their portfolio with the objective of the business. Transparent testing is important to ensure adequate risk mitigation and delivery of a defect free product.

Impartial Reporting

We highlight various aspects and risks of different components to mitigate any downstream failures through our impartial reporting philosophy. It is not about who is right, but what is the right thing to do to fulfill the critical business objectives.

Flexible Testing Processes

For a high level of integrity, we ensure that flexibility in process is accompanied with repeatability and the ability of strict enforcement within the team. Our test management processes are customized based on the different testing needs of our clients.

Optimize Testing Life cycle

Our library of reusable components and testing framework optimizes the testing life cycle. The focus is not to reduce either time or cost but to allocate right resources for the most critical part of the life cycle that has maximum impact on quality.

Pre-Defined KPI’s

Our varied experience helps identify and define the right set of KPIs against which we can measure testing progress and outcomes. This process allows us to interact with our clients in an unbiased way, to ensure engagement outcomes are fullfilled.