Resource Optimization

Optimizing resources has been a need for organizations right from the beginning. We use various simulation techniques to help our clients to optimize various kinds of resources, right from cash management for banks to field force optimization for services.

Image Analytics

Our framework extends from processing to content extraction and correction. We extract information from contracts to enable clients to calculate and manage liabilities. We automate image-based data entry processes to improve accuracy and performance.

Failure Management

Predicting failures is one of the most important tools organizations can use to improve outcomes, manage risks and provide continuity of service. Our failure management expertise spans right across infrastructure, equipment and post-operation patients.


One of the most widely used methods across the industry and an important input for strategy formation, forecasting is an age-old technique used by industry. Our forecasting models are used for demand management, spares consumption and sales simulation.

Risk Management

In today’s fast-paced world, every organization needs to be risk averse. We have worked with clients to manage risks to reduce customer default, to create a risk score card for sub-prime lending, and failure assessment for mission critical processes.

Customer Analytics

Knowing the client better is the desire of every marketing team. This is one single most important aspect that every organization invests in. Our solutions have helped organizations model client behavior, predict client attrition and client disengagement.

Why Data Science Solutions

Transform Organization Capabilities

Using past internal data that organizations have collected over time and external market data, advance analytics can be used to help organizations transform themselves by using business-relevant analytics that can be used in day-to-day operations.

Evolve/Design Strategy

Data is the repository of an organization’s business over a period of time. We use data to provide our clients insights of what happened in the past, as well as an analysis of changes to their business that might impact their future and key drivers.

De-centralized Decision-making

Faster and accurate decision-making is the business norm. A data-based decision-making framework allows our clients to implement simulation-driven governance modules that can push decision-making down the line to generate higher impact in lesser time.

Build High-performance Teams

Decision data made available to stakeholders of an organization in the right shape and form enables the creation of high-performance teams driven by facts, rather than perceptions. It also leads to identifying and acting on opportunities faster.

Understand Customers Better

Understanding our clients’ customers and their journey with our clients, allows us to find the next best interaction, in every single micro moment. This provides valuable insights to buying behavior at a granular level and aligned business opportunities.

Leap Frog Competition

In an ever-evolving economic landscape, competitive differentiation is getting harder and margins are getting eroded. A Data science-based approach across all facets of an organization can give companies the much needs competitive advantage and market share.


Listening to the Business

Businesses encounters multiple challenges, on the inside and the outside, due to constant change. We are attentive to people who drive the business, providing them with valuable information that eventually leads to a robust understanding of the problem.

Understanding the Data

Data is the custodian of the evolution of business strategy, culture and market dynamics of an organization. With this data, we provide information to help tackle current business problems, in conjunction, with external data, to get a better insight.

Understanding the Problem

Business faces many multi-dimensional challenges, where various factors lead to one outcome. Understanding a problem through the lens of data allows us to ask questions, to get a wider and deeper perspective and eventually convert it to a binary form.

Converting the Problem to Tasks

From the point of view of data, the solution is a number. Breaking a problem down into specific tasks, the answers to which eventually leads to a decision is an art. What the business wants is a decision with a clear understanding of its why and how.

Research has the Answers

The science has been in the works for many years. Researchers have been working on creating a rich repository of learnings to tap into. By applying multi-disciplinary research, we solve problems that lead to better solutions and newer avenues to explore.

Cross Domain best practices

The confluence of different sciences has given rise to new inventions that were not thought of before. On similar lines we combine cross domain learnings, experiences and solutions to provide our clients with unique solutions and market opportunities.