IT Infrastructure
Nautical Astrolabe
In the word "astrolabe" - "astro means ‘star’ and "labe" roughly translates as ‘to take’ or 'to find.' An astrolabe designed to calculate the motion of Jupiter and its satellites was invented by Gio Domenico Cassini in 1625.The nautical astrolabe, derived from the astronomical one.
Courtesy – photograph by Evan Bench

Customer Data Management

Analytics helps businesses as an enabler for better understanding and insights on customer data to draw objectives and articulate …

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Performance Management

Analytics ensures predictable and consistent infrastructure performance with real-time network discovery, network modelling, and other capabilities that drive IT efficiencies. It uses the right tools to model the impact of configuration changes to the network before they are made; processes data & metadata management, storage utilization enabling businesses enjoy continuity, security, availability and capacity monitoring.

We at iQG understand how crucial it is to protect infrastructure, applications and computer networks from vulnerabilities and how they can impact the ongoing maintenance, management and administration of these. We deliver measurable business value by leveraging data with analytics tools to help businesses get the best out of their existing IT infrastructure.

Network Management Analytics

Analysis of user generated content and machine data provides valuable feedback to model the optimization in Network Management. iQGateway specializes in building customized analytical engine using the client data to manage the metadata obtained. This enables the infrastructure teams to enhance flexibility, mitigate risks, minimize disruptions and lower costs, enabling re-engineering and re-hosting of intricately integrated applications.

Portfolio Management

Analytics can aid corporations make better informed investments in IT environment, strategize and optimize the IT portfolio by extracting meaningful insights from historical data.