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Nautical Astrolabe
In the word "astrolabe" - "astro means ‘star’ and "labe" roughly translates as ‘to take’ or 'to find.' An astrolabe designed to calculate the motion of Jupiter and its satellites was invented by Gio Domenico Cassini in 1625.The nautical astrolabe, derived from the astronomical one.
Courtesy – photograph by Evan Bench

Customer Profitability

Analytics can help with forecasts on customer behaviour, the purchase rate of a specific product or service at a certain tarif….

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Process & Expense automation

iQG offers analytics solutions to businesses to better automate and maintain their systems across the supply chain including suppliers, distribution outlets/agencies, infrastructure support, accommodation & leisure. This helps in cost reduction, eliminating manual processing, maintaining more sophisticated and strategic sourcing and services, information & control systems with superior tools. Our high-value analytics is designed for a complex industry to drive controls, increases compliance, reduce fraud and make reductions in expenditures. Our domain expertise helps in leveraging consistent & responsive processes with wide and in-depth comparisons, verifications, normalization using our unbiased analytical services.

Fleet Management, Utilization and Optimization

Integrated assets help in fleet optimization to intelligently improve upon maintenance activities, delivery times, regulatory compliance and monitoring of goods. While technologies like GPS and RFID provide flexibility, extensibility and scalability, analytics helps in improved collaboration to build new capabilities and drive innovation at every point in the value chain with powerful planning, scheduling and tracking real time dynamics. Managing fleet reliability, availability and achieving its optimization is critical to success in the industry. Fleet maintenance teams need effective data analysis for decisions and iQG helps with solutions to build capabilities and drive innovation across the value chain.

Customer Relationship Management

While loyalty programs are an industry norm, effectiveness of these is often a challenge, where abundance leads to saturation. By using predictive analytics, iQG helps businesses with customer loyalty solutions to help enhance customer experience without compromising on competitive differentiation.

We help them build more interactive customer relationships designed around customized sales and intelligent business services, by proactively gathering customer information and preferences for enhanced experiences. Our intelligent solutions help in recognizing customer value indicators
Asset Management

Managing transportation assets life cycle is very complex with issues of security, regulations, industry standards, competition and rising costs. Advances in technology though have helped but optimized performance of critical assets still is a challenge, with aging processes and equipment, preventive maintenance, warranty management and recovery, networks and applications. Analytics from iQG helps manage asset performance holistically, with adaptable solutions for current transportation environment to develop, design and implement streamlined plans

Asset Maintenance

Expensive assets with longer life require effectively planned maintenance and spare parts management for their functioning. Costs like insurance, replacements, downtime, shrinkage and spoilage can be exorbitant. To mitigate risks and make consumption savings, analytics helps manage all assets – fleet, linear and facility with predictive maintenance for operational efficiency and streamlined processes

Resource Optimization

As the industry is broadly involved with transporting passengers, moving freight, shipping cargo & consumer goods or securing hotel reservations, it is the selection of right subcontractors, partners or vendors that makes all the difference. Analytics helps with integrated data for performance management of each, with tools driven capability and performance monitoring, business intelligence & improved forecasting for resource optimization.

Spend Management

With travelers becoming more aware and demanding, spend management gains importance. While it helps travelers identify, quantify, capture and track travel-related savings and it also helps service providers/businesses reduce their contract risks, protect contracted savings, benchmark and improve their travel policies and practices. Analytics offers objective formats making it easy to track travelers, control spending, maintain budgets and save costs through reduced travel expenses and better supplier contracts. The accuracy through analytical tools helps them with quality of information to make confident travel decisions.