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Astronomical Clock
The 2nd century BC Antikythera mechanism of ancient Greece was used to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, and stars at any given point by use of complex mechanical gears. (courtesy Wikipedia)

Performance Management

Analytics ensures predictable and consistent infrastructure performance with real-time network discovery, network modelling,…

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As IT applications and infrastructure increasingly gain complexity and interdependency, with technologies such as virtualization & cloud computing promising high accessibility and cost benefits, more and more businesses realize the need of optimizing costs.

Current infrastructure management techniques and practices focus primarily on the reporting of “health checks” of components, applications and systems. Majority of these current techniques and practices adopted by various infrastructure teams are “reactive” in nature.

Next-gen analytic solutions that iQ Gateway provides are based on the principles of prediction rather than reaction. It is well known that failure of a component/application is often preceded by a chain of indicative parameters that eventually lead to that failure. Combining historical data on indicative parameters along with the list of component failures can lead to statistical insight to predict breakdowns ahead of a failure event.

Equipment/application availability is directly linked to user satisfaction in an enterprise environment. Application analytics dove-tailed with user feedback of the uptime, ease of use, snag reporting, utilization constraints etc can contribute significantly to constantly improve usability and enhance productivity.

Organizations of today have increasing dependencies on a holistic approach of decision making to optimize their business processes. Advanced analytics is extremely helpful here, since it combines insights from diverse disciplines viz. statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining and operations research applications with advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise applications, to help businesses accelerate the identification and resolution of enterprise IT infrastructure issues. It provides intelligent condition monitoring, risk assessment and corrective actions to control performance abnormalities thus preventing serious impacts on business operations.