Astronomical Clock
The 2nd century BC Antikythera mechanism of ancient Greece was used to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, and stars at any given point by use of complex mechanical gears. (courtesy Wikipedia)

Customer Value Optimization

Help service providers understand their customers to serve them better, thus Analytics is a step ahead of business intelligence (BI).

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Today’s global telecom industry is operating in a new, liberalized, dynamic & highly competitive environment. With an ever increasing need for continuous transformation in their service offerings, partnerships, operational models and organizational structures telecom companies need that X factor to help them survive in this environment.

All this has triggered focus on profitability or revenue generation, effective channelling, customer retention or price optimization, loss reduction or risk management, compliance regulations and power of interoperability.

In times like these, analytics providers like iQG play an enabling role that help operators to provide innovative value-added services, differentiated pricing strategies in order for them to maintain low churn rates and increase profit margins.

Our specialization in analytics helps Telcos predict the future outcome of today’s digital economy for purposes of sophisticated segmentation, monetized services, cross-selling, customer acquisition, price optimization or churn reduction, arming sales teams with forward-looking customer insight that can drive more efficient, timely, and intelligent action.

By applying statistical algorithms we transform data into actionable intelligence to help organizations identify patterns and factors that may impact businesses. With evolving communication industry practices and advancements in IT a systemized approach to analytics is emerging to better serve, the ever demanding, digitally savvy next generation of consumers.