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The 2nd century BC Antikythera mechanism of ancient Greece was used to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, and stars at any given point by use of complex mechanical gears. (courtesy Wikipedia)

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iQG offers analytics solutions to businesses to better automate and maintain their systems across the supply chain including suppliers,….

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The transportation industry being one of the oldest in the world continues to face some of its earliest challenges and newer ones as it grapples with the advent of burgeoning urbanization, tourism explosion and a greater-than-ever need for asset optimization & management coupled with additional regulatory & safety requirements. The distinction between the leaders and the also-rans in the industry will clearly depend on who is able to unearth the hidden potential in legacy data and use it to optimize asset utilization and operational costs.

Increasing consumerism and spending capacities, demand that the industry assets function at optimal levels than ever before. Issues of scalability, enhanced productivity, optimized costs, information management, improved customer service & regulatory compliance are the most inherently common areas of concern within the industry.

There is an ever-increasing demand for integrated transportation networks, systems & technology to handle issues pertaining to complex traffic interactions, integrated supply chains and critical assets, inventory management, stringent regulatory norms and environmental compliance costs.

Analytics provides insights to businesses for better decision making with their data, using it into applications for predictive information and performance monitoring. Use of comprehensive, advanced and customizable analytics tools for end-to-end analysis, has helped the industry leverage analytics and operations research methods for their investments of time, energy and resources to offer right solutions to their customers

iQG’s analytics solutions help businesses handle historical and operational data, interconnected systems and devices, product innovation and effective controls on cost of operations, safety & security with intelligent transportation solutions, to ensure improved customer experiences and customer intimacy.

iQG helps businesses use analytics to assess availability, reliability and efficiency of assets, fleet management, safety and cost of ownership, enhanced navigation information, surveillance and preventive maintenance.