Astronomical Clock
The 2nd century BC Antikythera mechanism of ancient Greece was used to calculate the positions of the sun, moon, and stars at any given point by use of complex mechanical gears. (courtesy Wikipedia)

Data integration

Volumes of disintegrated data available with utilities, is a reservoir that remains unexplored for its potential,….

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The utilities vertical across the globe operates in a very complex environment, driven by demands of rising stakeholder expectations, regulated and deregulated markets, capital crunch, tight timelines and evolving regulations. Utilities also contend with changing government regulations and policies that add a new dimension to their existing challenges.

Utilities are in dire need of robust & reliable decision processes to deliver services at reasonable costs. Issues of transparent operations, compliance, capital allocation, optimized fund utilization, minimized misappropriation & losses and competitive profitability are staggering.

Analytics has helped utilities in a great way but with challenges galore, there is need for more. With quantitative decision support, evidence based predictions and performance insights analytics helps utilities validate their decisions with more information, to offer optimized services.

The unexplored data available and analytics from iQG can be utilized with extensible data models to help plan better and implement schemes and programs with effective customer segmentation, consumption profiling, new customer benefits, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, recoveries (customer revenue collection), process deficiency management, informed resource deployment to maximize profits

Smart analytics can provide the road map for intelligent enterprises, with integrated data accessibility and scalability, performance budgeting architecture, accurate & timely information, streamlined and integrated operations, goals and strategies enabling efficiencies with accountability.